Roleplaying Free Company |✦| Balmung - Crystal Data Center

Through perseverance and determination new things grow from the ashes of what has come before, taking root so they may thrive. The Tangled Boughs are a loosely knit collective of those bound together by camaraderie and entwined in common cause; to do good by others.

A home for those whose unorthodox talents, skills, and motivations may seem complicated-at-best in the light of day, but may flourish in the shade. A sanctuary for the lost and overlooked, with fire in their hearts and mystery in their souls. A refuge for those that understand that there is not just one path ahead but many, each forged through thorn and bramble by those willing to bear the torch and light the way.

The goals are lofty: To hunt down that which would seek to harm others. To protect the under-served and downtrodden. To be the conservators of knowledge lost and forgotten by many, and to seek the secrets that linger just beyond reach.

Nothing worth achieving is ever so simple, after all.

About Us

From Ashen to Ashes...

No one had expected it.

A notice of forfeiture, of seizure bearing the unmistakable seal of balanced scales. The wax was still warm. barely set.

Each letter penned in sharp and unsympathetic script, an edict that may as well have been carved into stone. The grace of Nald'thal no longer balanced in the Ashen Clinic's favor, and there was very little that could be done to convince the Order otherwise. A charity, a group of wayward and well-meaning souls were no proper custodians of this vaunted place; they argued - the excuse they'd perhaps been waiting for, to dislodge charity from a city whose tenants were ensconced in the pursuit and glory of the almighty gilcoin.

The walls around them rumbled. Fissures formed in hallways, giving hint of the endless passageways that yawned below. The strangeness that had been bearable in small doses had become unnerving and dangerous, as though the entire place was becoming unmoored from it's foundation; maybe from sense and reason itself. This wasn't a missing room, a hallway that led to a different wing than it had a sennight previous. It was no longer benign, and it had been noticed.

A confluence of magic and aether -- a place of ancient rites and reason. A place of secrets that should have been left buried and forgotten. It never should have been in her - or any - hands, the papers argued. As lizards skittered along sandstone walls, and lights flickered and flared it became more difficult to argue otherwise.

The cracks were beginning to show elsewhere, too, formed by the weight of compassion-borne fatigue and expectation.

Milloux had once stated that one of the most difficult things to do was to extend a hand in help to someone when curling it into a fist would feel better. They could fight, they could perhaps even win. But what is more difficult is to understand that not every battle is worth waging, and that the hardest decision, at times, is to simply walk away.

With as little fanfare as when it had first opened, so many turns past, the Clinic closed, and the organization known as the Ashen Enclave disbanded, it's members scattered like leaves on the wind.

The Rustling Leaves

A story isn't finished just because a chapter is. Sometimes, one finds that what is needed to move forward isn't a light to guide the way, but a hand to hold in the dark; to allow the whole story to change course.

That, and a realization that there is still so much to be done.

With other organizations and charities flourishing, intervening to help in the same niches where the Enclave once stood nearly alone, the need to provide clinic services had diminished greatly. To witness the great progress in the Firmament gave hope that the City-states would hearken to the call and follow Ishgard's example to protect and provide for their own.

The Ashen Enclave, as it had stood, was no longer needed.

The decision was made from need seen elsewhere. In the unending calls for help in the form of bounties and levequests posted by the Citystates and by individuals. In finding a place to reconcile one's own past and not only set things right for one's self, but support others - to recommit one's self to the choice to do better for others than was done for them. A place to ask for help, understanding, and community for those who wish to reach for things just beyond their grasp....or perhaps don't yet know where their place is.

Safehaven. Refuge. Sanctuary.

In many ways, it was easier than expected to cast off the trappings of a formal charitable organization and focus inward. To set aside the mantle of 'Lady Advocate' and the weight of it's role and obligations. To instead reaffirm the bonds of camaraderie forged through adversity and strengthened through shared vision, and reach out to those scattered remnants of the Enclave and begin anew, together.

Taking Root in the Shade...

Everything that comes next? That's the hard part.

Our Mission

Our Mission (OOC)

The Boughs were borne of the desire to continue the Ashen Enclave's legacy and core tenets while allowing our characters to follow the course of their development. By doing so, giving us the space to pursue new avenues and opportunities for collaborative storytelling and community engagement without the rigid format and structure of the previous organization.

It was also an opportunity to hit a soft 'reset' button and re-evaluate what we wanted as a group, and to reorganize ourselves in a manner that would allow the game to continue being fun for us, going forward. It was not an easy decision to close the doors on the Ashen Enclave, but one we knew needed to be made.

It is our goal to continue providing a small low-key, welcoming and close-knit community for our members and friends - with major emphasis on that last word. We believe that creativity blossoms most in a supportive environment, and we are all invested in each other’s stories.

We are committed as a group to creating diverse character-driven storylines, plots, and events (both long and short-term, social and adventure-oriented) as well as providing resources for our members to develop their own. We encourage our members to bring their own ideas to the table, and want to work with our FCmates, collaborating with one another for the sake of mutual character development and storytelling.

Themes + Goals

Morally Grey / Complicated (Maintaining a preference for characters that wish to 'do good', but understanding that this can come in many complicated forms and ideals. Someone has to be willing to do the 'bad things' sometimes required to help good people.)
Supernatural / Horror / Adventure / Intrigue / Research / Reclamation - In addition to continuing storylines based around helping others, we are diving further into 'darker' themes, giving our characters new facets of the world around them, and themselves, to explore. Magic, voidcritters, cursed artifacts, wildlings, just plain bad dudes, and myriad other other problems needing poking.
Lore-plausible, not lore-breaking. We continue to believe in an environment that allows creativity to flourish, understanding that lore should be a guideline for interesting stories, not have a stranglehold on them. We will allow some latitude for nontraditional character concepts and ideas on a case-by-case basis.
Diverse platforms. We utilize a blend of in-game, discord, and roll20 based RP depending on which platform works best for individual scenes and stories - both standalone and parts of larger campaigns. We are currently developing a homebrew combat system, to allow a character's abilities and talents to shine.
The Job Ledger - regularly posted marks, jobs, and small-scale adventures to be used as RP starters and an opportunity for our members to dip their toes into DMing in a low-pressure and encouraging environment.
Community Events - we remain committed to providing RP events and opportunities for the greater Crystal-DC RP community; both small / casual one-off events and larger productions. We are currently discussing what form these will take, but will likely include the continuation of our Workshop series, albeit with slightly different direction and tone.
Social / Slice of Life RP - As a group, we enjoy attending events together around the Crystal DC, or just engaging in lowkey and lowstakes social RP together outside of major storylines or events. These might include sparring nights, or just hanging around and having a drink together.
Other Content - While we are primarily an RP FC and we have absolutely no expectations of our members participation outside of RP-related content, we do other stuff together as well!
We frequently run older content for mounts, glams, and minions together. We also organize Map, PVP, HoH/PotD, and Bozja / Eureka groups. We also have regular Movie Nights, or play other games together, too!

Combat System

Coming Soon!

FC Structure


Founder and Leader of the Tangled Boughs. Providing guidance, support to others, and vision.

The Canopy

The Bonded: Co-founders, Advisory Council and Officers, Assist with the overseeing and running of the organization.


The Sworn: Founding and Senior members. Event and Story organizers, etc.


The Loyal: Fully fledged members of the Organization


The Untested: Initiates to the Organization; those undergoing their Trial Period.


Associates of the Boughs: Benefactors, Freelancers, Allies, Contacts.

Spiritfall Hollow

Hidden in the Wood

There are places in the Twelveswood forgotten by most, lingering remnants of a bygone era slowly being reclaimed by the Wood itself. Fading more as each generation reaches further, seeking their callings and fortunes far from ways once kept.

The Fierlane family, long devoted to protecting this overlooked place and the secrets it holds, have stood as quiet custodians of the past and of fading traditions. Their grand hall once a vibrant meeting place for those who traced their roots deep back into Gelmorran caves, now long left fallow, it's last guardian at home within what had once been a caretaker's cottage.

Even now however, there are those that find their way down a winding old road that is never quite the same each time, furrowed deep by carriages that have long ceased to use the route. The way dappled by buttery sunlight through the leaves high above, the sound of life, of rustling in the undergrowth. One is never alone on this journey.

A path lined with briar and wildflower and thistle for those in need of safehaven, whose deeds and intentions mustneeds remain hidden.

This, Spiritfall Hollow provides.

That requirement for sanctuary has lead the Tangled Boughs to the hollow; the grand hall slowly being restored, though if not to glory, then somewhere comfortable and safe. Somewhere to again call home for those who have forged bonds with one another, for any who may need it.

The stately hall has certainly seen better days, though isn't quite as decrepit as some might assume at first glance. The place seems content to settle along with nature's attempts to reclaim it, the structure strengthened by the tall trees that have lent themselves as support, the vines that creep along walls only adding to it's charm.

Time and care seem to be what is needed, now. Who knows what secrets it, and the rambling grounds, may hold, after all.

House Rules

The Rite of Sanctuary - Spiritfall Hollow has been considered safehaven for generations innumerable among the duskwight who call the deepest reaches of the Twelveswood home. While those needing protection have a curious way of finding themselves on the grounds of their own accord, any may invoke the safety afforded to those in need.

Neutral Ground - The Hollow is considered neutral territory, and all allowed past the wards and onto the grounds are expected to abide by such. Visitors and members alike are expected to remain civil, neither inviting open conflict nor courting trouble into our home.

Those wishing to use the space to negotiate with one another may do so only with the approval of the leadership, but otherwise, differences must be left outside.
Visitors will be asked to forfeit their weapons, unless headed to the training quarters or preparing for a hunt.

Anyone found to be drawing weapons on the grounds outside of those circumstances, visitor or member, will be reprimanded or asked to leave.Threats of violence or acts of aggression against anyone on the grounds will find their welcome rescinded, immediately, and will be escorted from the premises.
Be careful on the Grounds. The Wood surrounding the Hollow is old, dangerous, and said to be inhabited by creatures and spirits confined only to legend. One does more than tempt the ire of the Elementals when straying too far afield, unprepared.

Do not hunt on the Hollow's grounds without implicit permission. Not all creatures are as they seem.Should one wish to visit the Mausoleum or the Caverns underneath the manor, please contact Violetta first.

An Out of Character Note:

The FC House is currently located in the Goblet: Ward 9 - Plot 35 - North Subdivision. This location is purely OOC in nature, Spiritfall Hollow is ICly located in the Shroud.

We hope to move when able, but Housing Savage (TM) is an ordeal on Balmung, and we are fortunate to already have a large house. We ask that members and visitors suspend disbelief a bit until such a time that we can relocate.

The Arbor (Member Directory)

Milloux Allard

At once earnest and enigmatic, Milloux is a woman of many masks. She has devoted herself to her calling, to help others, no matter what form that may take... and seeking out those that would join her cause.

An aspiring and talented mage who has dedicated herself to the arts and their myriad mysteries, she posesses other skills as well, some far more suited to one who wields a silent blade in the dark than a well-meaning humanitarian.

The Canopy (Officers)

Etienne Clairemont

Etienne Clairemont has had many different jobs employing their charm and wit. They aim to use their talents in thaumaturgy and investigation to aid those overlooked by Eorzea's unjust hierarchies.

Jaaster Taras

Jaaster Taras is a carpenter from Coerthas with an extensive background in survivalism and close-quarters combat. You'll rarely see him without at least one member of his wolfhound pack by his side.

Amentielle Bergier

The Branches (Founding and Senior Members)

Violetta Fierlane

Medium and Mortician by calling, Violetta is a cheerfully eccentric Shroudwitch that has lived on the grounds of the Hollow for most of her life. She is proficent in any number of folk remedies and cures, with an interest in charms, hexes, and taxidermy. While skilled at healing others, some whisper about a wildness to her command of magic. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and occasionally accidentally raising the dead, embroidery.

Khalil Nasari

Originally from Thavnair; a fire-dancer in two senses of the word, skilled in both in combat and entertainment. He is an unapologetic hedonist and can be a bit of a snob, but those who are aware of his past could potentially understand the why's for both. He's not the most forthcoming about his younger years to anyone, but makes friends easily - and once his loyalty is earned, is unquestioning.

Adi Lamoureaux

A powerful conjurer who doles out heals with a side a side of blunt remarks. When he's not patching up meatheads for the umpteenth time, Adi studies terminal and chronic illnesses, curses, and parasitic plants to further his personal goals.

Emiyyah Lyehga

Vasu Dazkar

A man of great care and patience. A healer by profession, that patience is often tested. He tries his best to do the right thing, and often finds himself paralyzed by just what that might be. Nevertheless, he is a warm and generous soul, who believes in taking care of the people around him.

Alora de Hallienarte

Sent from Ishgard as an advance diplomat and astrologian before the Calamity, she chose to not return to live there and instead settle in the Shroud after some adventuring. Now an avid botanist and alchemist serving those around Gridania, though has a lasting, lesser known, penchant for some magics as well.

T'many Allowe

A tiny and ambitious loudmouth, some are uncertain if T'many is a miqo'te or an avatar of playful chaos. This self-proclaimed 'Empress of Thanalan' appears to be an infectiously cheerful bag of pranks waiting to happen, at least at first glance. She runs and manages Crafty Condor Courier Inc.; a courier and retrieval service she founded, and the Boughs' outpost in Thanalan.

Houmei Isazaki

Houmei purports to be a wandering prince from the Glass Sea, accompanied by his "attendant," an industrious Namazu named Domo. His rather unprincely fighting style seems tailored to getting his hands dirty assassinating Garleans.

Cicielle Cielle

A confident and boisterous thaumaturge, proficient in causing chaos and fluster in her wake. The young lady has rounded out well in her training and continues to learn.

When not casting spells, she lives with Forra and their dog, Jack.

Forra Descren

Formerly a wandering duelist and adventurer, Forra has settled down a bit since moving in with Cicielle.

He still travels!, be it adventuring with Cici or in his capacity as a reservist under the Wood Wailers, and has an abiding love of martial competition and making himself useful.

Rumumu Rumu

Rumumu Rumu lived a modest life in Hingashi with Ijn merchants from Limsa until they were mysteriously murdered at a young age. She was orphaned for some time until an elderly hyur took her in under his care, who just so happened to be a retired shinobi.

For reasons not entirely clear, he then teach Rumumu his ways and trained her harshly up until his passing. After which, she used her talents to serve the people of Kugane under the shadows as an unemployed ninja and later, the Tangled Boughs while following her passion as an artist.

Aulsoix Claimane

Third and youngest son of his House and all around know it all and magical expert. Is there something paranormal or outside your wheelhouse that you need help with? He's likely got an answer for you, or at least can help you get turned in the right direction.

The Vines (Founding Associates, Contacts & Benefactors)

Chakori Kha

A former Udgan of the Kha; a Healer. Both in the traditional sense, of body and mind, but even moreso in matters of the soul and spirit.

Quiet and Taciturn, especially for one of her people, she nevertheless is quick to participate in the sharing of cultures, as is the Kha's tradition, and will openly offer fortune or counsel to those who need it. She speaks little and less of herself, however, and certain subjects of conversation find her to be evasive, though she will brush off any further inquiry as a mere lack of knowledge and experience.

Vander Thuun

A mage of many talents, and a man of many lives. He mixes potions and poisons, brews his own hooch, and spends his working hours talking to ghosts. If your problem is arcane, alchemical, or occult, Vander's who you're gonna call.

Mistienne Aurloix

An Ishgardian Noblewoman; not that she'd have anyone know it on first glance, Mist seems anything but. Asocial and not predisposed to most social situations, it's a wonder she ever decided to head the company she leads at all.

However, her unwavering want to do good in the world, and help those in need, along with her strong sense of morals paint her as a firm and fair leader. Not often one to be seen in the open, Mist is not usually found unless someone is looking for her, often buried in paperwork, or out securing a contract. However, should someone have need, she will make time; more so if you are the one needing help.

Bexy Amalaryssia

A woman that, at first glance, seems much too elegant and sophisticated to ever be at home on a battlefield. The truth is, this couldn't be further from the case. Bexy is a woman of immense kindness and precious little mercy, and gives both cruelty and kindness in spades.

Kerrath Redblade

A man of Thanalan who bears a mighty axe, legend holds that he is the desendant of a gorilla and that he is capable of rending a man's arms from his body by simply grabbing and pulling. Of course, such legends are dubious in nature and come from unreliable sources--but those who know him personally find themselves intoxicated with such an overwhelming sense of bravado and machismo that they simply want to believe.

Non-Player Characters


Domo traveled alongside Houmei from the Far East as his "royal attendant," "butler" and "valet," depending on what day you ask him. An enterprising hardworking Namazu, Domo has big dreams for Prince Houmei and intends to take Eorzea by storm... someday soon!

Rosette Pelletiere

Often heard humming about the Hollow, Rosette oversees the day-to-day running of the manor. She can often be found assisting her wife, Amandine, in her nursing duties, as she's said to have a far warmer bedside demeanor.

Amandine Pelletiere

Amandine is a no-nonsense conjurer who takes her position as Night Nurse seriously. Those wishing to have their ailments seen to with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of discretion are encouraged to seek her out.

Faimont Desmarais

Silvertongued and smarmy, Faimont is a former Redbelly with a (reformed) penchant for petty thievery and poaching. He serves as a caretaker, porter and retainer, claiming to be a Jack of All Trades.

High Chair

Saved by a pair of intrepid Ishgardian Naturalists from a paissa pit in the Sea of Clouds and named for the first object the pair saw when asked her name, High Chair found a home when the two could no longer look after her. Unusually docile and small for a paissa, High Chair exhibits traits of dwarfism and other ambulatory issues, and has served as an excellent therapy companion on occasion.

Bubba Chunk

A gilfish of alarming proportions and impressive shininess, Bubba enjoys the finer things in life, namely food: vast quantities of food. Please don't feed the gilfish.


A curious (and perhaps alarming) sight around Spiritfall Hollow, Gertrude is Violetta's not-quite-ghostly familiar. An expert hunter of vermin and wayward spirits, she mostly just wants to curl up in the nearest patch of sunlight and nap; just like any other cat.


A mysterious visitor. Singular. Hopefully. Disaster's hobbies include hiding in desk drawers, protecting secret stashes of romance novels, basking, insects, and not being chased around by Gertrude.

Rules and Guidelines

General Policies

We are a 21+ Free Company. No exceptions. Additionally, due to mature and possibly darker themes, no underage characters will be granted membership to the Free Company.

LGBTQA+ safe & inclusive community; we do not tolerate hate-speech, discriminatory behavior, etc.

Be kind to others. We expect members to present themselves respectfully - members caught trolling, harassing, or making inflammatory commentary at or about other members of the FC or community at large, will be removed from the Free Company immediately, no exceptions.

Lore Adherence. We are, as an FC, lore friendly but flexible, understanding that gray areas exist to be played with and lore can and will change at the discretion of the devs. At the end of the day, we would prefer to write with characters that are plausible, well thought out and are a concept you are enthusiastic about above all.

This includes character jobs / classes and characters being in the possession of soul crystals. Some jobs and skillsets are more rare and/or taboo than others, and should reflect such.

Use of ‘forbidden’ magics such as White / Black magic should be done with extreme discretion, and never in public. We follow the idea that such things are rare but not impossible, especially considering the themes of the FC.

Don’t let the above two points discourage you. If you have a concept that might be a little unorthodox, we will more than likely be enthusiastic to hear you out, or help you make it work if you’re unsure.

All new members will undergo a one month trial period. During this time, we encourage all new members to seek out RP with our members, settle in, and participate in events! During this period, members or characters found not to be a good match for our community may be removed.

Out of Character (OOC) Rules

❧ Discord. Discord is required for all members and associates of the Free Company. Our server acts as our primary communication hub for announcements, events, and just hanging out together! We do not expect you to be overly active (we get it, some of us are shy, too!) we simple ask that you be present. For an invite, please poke at Milloux or one of the officers.

Friends are allowed into the server on a case-by-case basis, and may only be invited by Milloux or one of the officers. Guests and friends of the server are expected to conduct themselves by the guidelines we have laid out for the server, and may be subject to removal if they are not a great fit.

Rules for conduct for the server can be found in there!

❧ Don't be that guy. Arguments and differences of opinion will arise in every group, and some people won't necessarily get along. How you conduct yourself, however, is entirely within your own control. Treat others how you would like to be treated! Please keep the following in mind when spending time with us:

Contentious Commentary - we ask that all controversial discussions be relegated to #the-discourse in our discord server, and that it follow the guidelines of that particular channel.

Negativity - We all have bad days. We all may be having a lot of them right now, even. However, should you notice yourself falling into a pattern of overly negative behavior, we ask that you take a step back and evaluate how you're doing. Take a break, this shouldn't be stressful.

Please do not use FC space to air personal drama or grievances, discuss heavy mental health issues at length, or use the community as your sounding board to complain, overshare, or provide passive-aggressive commentary. We encourage members who aren't doing well to find the help of a qualified professional. Take care of yourself.

❧ Activity Levels. We will never have a hard cap on this, we're a low-key group! However, we do ask that members remain active to the best of their ability, to attend events and participate in storylines, events, and RP as able -- we're all here to RP together!

We understand fully that life gets hectic, that the game can experience lulls, and that RP burnout most definitely occurs - if you need a break, let us know; we'll be waiting for you when you get back!

❧ Alts & OOC friends. Alts are allowed on a case-by-case basis! We do request, however, that they be characters you intent to actively play and participate in FC-related RP with.

OOC friends & family are also allowed, so long as they are 21+ and understand that we are primarily a RP community with all the idiosyncracies that come with the territory, and agree to conduct themselves to the same standard we hold everyone else to.

❧ FC Room Policy. Members may purchase an FC room at any time for their own use, though it is advised that one wait until their trial period is over. No refunds will be made for those that choose to leave before their trial is up, or they are found not to be a suitable match for the FC.

Compensation may be given to those that choose to make a room for public RP purposes (especially if listed among our list of wanted settings,) though this is not a guarantee. Also know that this will never be required or expected of our members!
Our FC crafters are usually happy to make furniture or other requested items, but please don't abuse this generosity, and don't hound them to make things for you.

❧ Don't advertise for other websites, services, or people. We encourage our members to share their creativity and commissions, and to promote their own patreons, streams, events, etc., but please don't advertise for unrelated commercial business or artists outside of our community without officer permission.

❧ When a problem does arise... If a problem or issue arises, or you have any concerns, please contact Milloux, or an officer. We are always happy to discuss possible issues and do our best to resolve and matters swiftly and fairly for any and all involved parties.

If the issue is regarding another member and their behavior or actions, please try and include logs and screenshots.

We encourage all members to speak up when they are uncomfortable, as we wish to foster a safe and happy community for everyone involved. This is your home, too!

No one will be removed from the FC for a first offense or misunderstanding - these things happen! (Unless the matter is serious or undermines our core beliefs and guidelines) But those displaying a pattern of antagonistic, unpleasant, or unkind behavior will be asked to leave.

Roleplaying (IC) Guidelines

❧ IC and OOC Division The golden rule of role-playing, more or less. We expect members of our community to maintain healthy boundaries between IC Actions and OOC feelings, and to keep one from bleeding into the other.

However, if you are feeling uncomfortable about an IC interaction for any reason, we encourage members to communicate with one another, or to speak with Milloux or one of the officers.

Furthermore, consider the feelings of those you are RPing with. 'My character is a jerk' or liking interpersonal drama between characters is not carte blanche to run wild. It is your responsibility to make certain you have consent to proceed, and to make certain the people you are RPing with are comfortable.

The use of OOC knowledge about a character to influence IC decisions and opinions is also heavily frowned upon. Just because you, the player, knows where another character hid the body, doesn't mean your character does.

❧ Godmoding and Power-Playing It may be tempting for a healer to wave away an ailment or illness with a wave of a hand and a flash of magic, and may certainly make your character feel powerful and strong -- but a quick fix isn’t always the best solution to a problem. Such actions may not be what others want to happen in the course of an RP session and may take away their agency or ability to react.

Always consider the wishes of the other people you are RPing with. This is a collaborative hobby!

Remember: your character doesn't have to be the best, or be everything for people to like them.

❧ Actions and Consequences. We will never tell members of the FC how to play their characters or how they should conduct themselves in a given situation. Only you, the player, can make those decisions!

However, with that freedom comes the understanding that behaviors that breach the social contract our characters have made with one another, and the rules of the free company, will come with consequences that range from reprimand to removal from the company.

This is not to stifle creativity, but to allow everyone to feel comfortable enough to have fun, and to respect the time and effort of those that may be hosting or organizing.

❧ Adult Themes & RP Please keep all ERP / Adult-related RP to private spaces. Sexual conduct is not allowed inside public areas of the FC grounds - including rooms meant for open RP. We are not against adult RP, but it has no place anywhere but behind closed doors -- in private.

Remember that different people have different levels of tolerance regarding what constitutes sexual conduct and content, and we ask that members err on the side of caution to maintain a level of comfort for all members of our community. What may seem okay to you may be deeply upsetting to another person, regardless of whether or not the behavior is directed at them personally. This includes avoiding conduct that could be considered sexually harassing.

Sexual harassment includes teasing, disparaging or sexual remarks about certain groups (ie, gender or races), unasked for physical attention, or treating other characters, even jokingly, as part of another characters' 'harem.'" We take this matter very seriously, and all concerns regarding it will be dealt with swiftly.
We do understand that characters can be flirtatious and provocative in their manner, and that in any group 'shipping' and other such circumstances will arise, such is RP! We simply ask that folks remain courteous and mindful of others and remember that the FC does not exist solely for you to accomplish those aims.
If your primary motivation for RP is shipping / ERP - we probably aren't the FC for you, but we wish you well in your search.

One Last Thing...

❧ You get out what you put in.

Roleplaying is a collaborative hobby, and is at it's best when all involved feel as though their participation matters, and that their characters are well received, accepted, and heard. No one character will have the spotlight all the time, nor should they. It's okay to let other characters shine!

To that end, take interest in other people's characters for more than how they can further your own RP. No one wants to feel like an NPC in someone else's story. Ask questions, engage with their writing and creativity - encourage one another!

Don't be afraid to ask yourself: 'What is the other character getting out of this interaction?'

Jump on in! it can be intimidating to dive into any group, but we encourage you to be brave, and to try. Should you need help dipping your toes in or feel anxious over big gatherings, we're happy to help and to RP in smaller settings, too! We're all here to write with one another, after all!

Passivity is the enemy! Instead of telling yourself 'my character has no reason to be there' - invent one! Push them out of their comfort zone once in a while, amazing things happen when you do. Approach others with RP hooks and ideas in hand, you'll find the people around you are just as excited to collaborate and plot.

Joining the Boughs

Us, In Summary...

We are a small, well-established, and tightly-knit Roleplay Free-Company and Community, having existed together under the banner of the Ashen Enclave since 2016. The Tangled Boughs are simply the next step in our journey together as a group. New banner, same commitment to awesome.

Many of us have been RPing and gaming together even longer - nearly a decade or longer in some cases -- over several MMOs and online communities, though we welcome the opportunity to bring new faces into our cozy little corner of the server!

We are primarily NA based and our activity reflects this!

Players that join, or are looking to join, the Tangled Boughs should be aware that while we strive to RP with each other regularly, and most of us do, the majority of the FC is comprised of folks that are sometimes pulled away from the game for IRL responsibilities. Most of our members are in their late 20’s - 40’s.

Those looking for a large free company that regularly has 15+ members online and events every night of the week may not find what they are looking for with us.

What you can expect is a small group of close-knit RPers seeking a low-key experience from the game, friends that are invested in each other's stories & characters, and in creating engaging new stories together.

Please know: we're not looking to be a large free company, and our selectivity with recruiting will reflect this.

Who We are Looking For...

The Boughs are a collective with a diverse range of skills, interests and backgrounds. Adventurers, relic hunters, rogue scholars, inventors & engineers, misfits, mages, strays...

We understand that the best characters are multifaceted and sometimes complicated creations with their own strengths, flaws, and at times contradictory goals. RP is at its most interesting when one is able to explore and express those things – and the possible ramifications that may have for one’s character.

Our ideal candidate is, simply put, someone who has good intentions. Our members strive to do their best, and “doing good for others” can take a whole lot of different forms. One needn't be perfect, after all, in order to do good.

We welcome - and celebrate! - characters with diverse, complicated and messy backstories and motivations, as it makes the tapestry of story we're weaving together all the more colorful, and fun.

Want to RP with us but don’t want to leave your current Free Company or Server? We welcome helpful freelancers, associates, investors & benefactors, and other friends into the fold!

We have an in-character Linkshell and a Discord for those wishing to RP with us, and are happy to arrange an In-character meeting after you apply!

Recruitment is... CLOSED~!

The Application Process:

Applications may take one-to-two weeks to process and be reviewed. You are more than welcome to inquire about your status during that time, though please understand that this will not speed up the proceedings. We deliberate over each application we receive to ensure potential new members are the best fit for our community.

After we have reviewed your application, you will be contacted by an Officer to let you know your status one way or another!

If your application is accepted, we will then reach out over discord so that we might make a group chat to discuss participating in an In-character meeting, as well as cover introductions and any questions we may have for one another! Think of it as an icebreaker where we can get to know one another, and decide if this will be a good fit all around!

Please note: we treat our groups chats as a relaxed environment where our officers respond as they are able, due to irl circumstances and obligations to existing FC members, including pre-planned events. This part of the process may take about a week, as we chat and plan how to have our characters meet.

IC-meetings can take the form of an interview, your characters showing up at Spiritfall Hollow, or another RP hook -- should you have an idea for one. ( We highly encourage this, too! And are always happy to discuss and brainstorm together!)

We are fully aware that our application and interview process is slower than many, but we feel that our approach ensures a level of familiarity with one another.

Our goal in recruitment isn't a numbers game, but a way to continue building upon a group of characters invested in one another and the stories we tell together, and that doesn't always come quickly!

Events + Storylines

Storylines + Starters

The Job Ledger is a collection of Jobs, one-off events, and RP Starters for our members and associates to partake in -- ranging from Writing Prompts to levequest style objectives or specific targets, huntmarks, observational, or retrieval missions. They can take the form of self-guided RP or small DM'd events!

Members are encouraged to submit their own jobs to the board, and use the provided starters as an incubator for larger plot ideas, and/or a low-stress way to try DMing or running an event!

Some will occasionally be posted as a call for the community as a whole to sign up and participate in.

Ongoing Storylines

Ongoing Storylines range from personal plots being run by individual members to over-arching plots run by the Free Company or with partnering organizations.

(More Details Soon!)

Community Events

Crafty Condor Courier Inc.

Fastest Courier in Ul'dah!
Things Delivered and Things Found, Problems Solved and Problems Made! Opening TBA!


Monthly workshops and hands-on seminars on a variety of subjects.

Open House & Supper Club

Social Get togethers of various sizes and scopes, opportunities for networking and collaboration . Dates TBA!

Contact Us

Need to get in contact with us? We're available in-game, on Discord (snarksonomy#1313), or by using the form below!